Note for Assessors

Dear Assessors,

Please find here some information about my assessment submission for the ‘Understanding Visual Culture ’ Visual Studies Level One course.

My submission is presented in both digital and physical formats.

My learning log is online and is located here at

It can be navigated along the top menu bar as follows:

  • Assignments: one tab for each assignment.  Under each tab can be found submenus for  the assignment assessment submission, my response to the tutor report, the original submission to my tutor, my process and reflection and finally any specific research.
    If you would prefer to view each Assignment without going through the submenus, then please just  click on the main Assignment tab at the top to access the posts in descending order.
  • Research and reflection: my reading notes, book and exhibition reviews, OCA study visits, discussions about specific photographers and artists, workshops and seminars that I’ve attended and other miscellaneous research and resources.  Again, if you prefer to to view my Research and Reflection without going through the submenus, then please just click on the main Research and Reflection tab at the top.
  • Coursework: individual exercises presented in project order
  • Reading: books that I’ve read
  • Musings: notes and general thoughts that I’ve had along the way
  • Personal Projects: projects that I am undertaking outside of my current OCA studies
  • Personal Learning: courses that I have undertaken outside of OCA yet have relevance to my OCA studies

Please note that, at the request of my tutor, my tutor reports are not presented on this online learning log.  All five reports have been uploaded to my assigned Google Drive and are also presented in my physical submission.

My physical submission materials are comprised as follows:

  • Five bound folders, each containing the written material for Assignments One to Five respectively
  • Two A4 sketchbooks

Each assignment folder contains the following documents:

  1. Final assignment
  2. Tutor report
  3. Response to tutor report
  4. Mark-up of original assignment highlighting the amendments made
  5. Original assignment as submitted to tutor

Thank you


Assignment Five: Assessment submission

The final version of Assignment Five to be submitted for March 2018 assessment, which has been updated to take into account comments from my tutor, can be found by clicking on the link below.

Assignment Five assessment submission

Assignment Five: Response to tutor feedback

I was rather nervous about receiving my feedback for this final assignment given the errors I had made with the previous one, however thankfully my fears were allayed by the first paragraph where Pauline commented that

‘This is a confident and well[written essay Carol, and a big well done for getting to the finishing line.  I felt that your work clearly demonstrated solid understanding of the course material and that gave a real sense of your being ‘in control’ of your argument and well able to deploy the writings of the relevant theorists’

I breathed a huge sigh of relief, particularly as I had discussed my choice of topic with Pauline by email and as a result was well aware of the traps that I might fall into if I was not careful.

My assignment submission can be seen here

Pauline commented on the essay as follows:

  • She felt it was good that I started with a quote, however she suggested it could be improved by making some comment on Debord’s argument.

I agree and will add a comment to support this.

  • She pointed out that I had omitted to reference a quote by Barthes.

In fact the reference was there, just in the wrong place!  I could kick myself for this schoolboy error and will correct it.

  • She also commented that ‘You describe how a postmodern reading [of an image] places the role of interpretation onto the viewer, but maybe here structuralist arguments are in themselves overly complicated’.

I agree with Pauline’s reasoning and will address this point.

Given my worries in the past about the correct way to structure an essay I was pleased to read that Pauline felt that the ‘essay was clearly structured and you drew on an appropriate range of theorists to support and expand your arguments’.

General comments on my Blog

  • Pauline remarked that the exercises for Part Five of the course still have to be uploaded to my blog and that this should be done before I submit for final assessment.

This is sadly a fair comment; whilst I have done the exercises I haven’t yet tidied them up into an acceptable format for posting on my blog.  However, I have made a start on this and my blog will be updated shortly.

Overall thoughts

After the disappointment of learning that I had missed the mark with the last assignment, I was extremely relieved to see that I was back on track with this one, with very few amendments suggested by Pauline.  As always however the points that she raises and the suggestions she makes do make for a fuller and more readable essay.

At this point I must thank Pauline Rose for her help and guidance throughout the course as well as for her patience.  Ongoing personal circumstances meant my assignment submission schedule for this module was at the best haphazard and at the worst non-existent and yet she turned each assignment around promptly, sending  her feedback with good humour.